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1. What is a digital asset portfolio (DAP)?
The digital asset portfolio is a new index-type blockchain investment product launched by Bit Rabbit. A digital asset portfolio contains at least 10 digital assets or digital asset derivatives. It is adjusted and funded according to the daily index in order to enable users to obtain a steady income.
2. What type of person should buy a digital asset portfolio?
Due to the characteristics of the digital asset portfolio, it is more suitable for beginning blockchain investors, long-term investors, and risk adverse investors.
3. What is the difference between BAI and BAI+?
BAI is a more stable digital currency portfolio that allocates funds over several digital currencies. While on the other hand, BAI+ builds on the basics of BAI but uses 10 to 15% of its funds on derivatives in order to chase higher returns, for instance short trading or using leverage.
4. What is BBI?
BBI (BitRabbit Blockchain Index) is an index released by BitRabbit’s blockchain index research team. The BBI is used to guide cryptocurrency investors on how to adjust and allocate resources.
5. What are the advantages of a digital asset portfolio?
While traditional cryptocurrency portfolios use more normal funding strategies and don’t actively adjust positioning, but a digital asset portfolio will adjust resources and positioning according to the daily BBI index. In addition, BBI’s unique evaluation strategy is not only based on traditional market prices, but on multiple levels such as the cryptocurrency market, market attitude, and media stances.
6. Will there be other digital asset portfolios in the future?