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How to receive CARROT
  1. Register real ID on BitRabbit Exchange. After authentication of your real ID, your account will receive 100 CARROT as reward, sent to your inventory.
  2. Invite friends to register on BitRabbit Exchange to earn CARROT rewards. After your real ID has been authenticated on your account, you can invite friends to register through personal ID, invitation link, or QR code (Invited users must use your personal link or QR code to register). You will receive 50 CARROT per person after your invited friends register their real ID.
  3. More methods of receiving CARROT will be announced.
The value of carrot
  1. CARROT can be used to participate in prize lotteries, with 10 thousands of prizes and up to 10 BTC. Click on the lottery link now.
  2. CARROT can be used in the BitRabbit robot ecosystem (to be released).
  3. There will be more uses for CARROT in the future. It is the official BitRabbit candy. The platform coin for BitRabbit Exchange, BRB, has not been released yet. Both coins have their own value, uses, and development plans.
  1. BitRabbit reserves the right to adjust the rules of invitation activity at any time, but there are no restrictions on the number of friends you recommend.
  2. BitRabbit will check for duplicate or virtual accounts. Once discovered, these accounts will not be rewarded with carrots.
  3. BitRabbit reserves the right of final interpretation for this event.